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  • Compensation for outside activities
  • Private timber company regulated by employing agency
  1. Whether an archaeologist has a potential conflict of interest if the archaeologist holds outside employment with a private timber company regulated by the archaeologist's employing agency? Quailfied No / See Opinion
  2. Does a state employee have a conflict of interest if the outside duties performed by the employee could affect whether the outside employer's interests are regulated by the agency? No / See Opinion
97-03 RCW 42.52.020
RCW 42.52.120
  • State Employee's Outside Business Relationship With An Agency Vendor
  1. Does the Ethics in Public Service Act prohibit a Washington State Lottery (Lottery) District Sales Representative (Sales Representative) from establishing an outside business relationship with a Lottery vendor (Lottery Vendor) when the Sales Representative's duties include making discretionary decisions regarding distribution of the Lottery Vendor's products? Yes / See Opinion
  2. If the answer to question (1) is yes, would the Ethics in Public Service Act still prohibit the outside business relationship if the Sales Representative waived receipt of any profits or royalties generated by sales of the Lottery Vendor's products in the State of Washington, but retained intellectual property rights for sales outside the State? Yes / See Opinion
RCW 42.52.020
RCW 42.52.030
RCW 42.52.040
RCW 42.52.120
  • State Officer's Outside Business Relationship with an agency that they oversee.
  • Financial interests in transactions
  • Assisting in transactions
  1. May the Washington State School Director's Association (WSSDA) issue personal service contracts to officers of the Association or members of its board of directors to provide training services to school boards and school board members? Generally No / See Opinion
  2. If WSSDA may issue personal services contracts to its officers and members of its board of directors for training services, what provisions should the Association take to handle the execution and administration of those contracts? See Opinion
  3. If a consultant with a current contract becomes an officer or member of the board of directors in November, may that person continue to serve under their contract, which they had no role in approving, until the end of the contract's term in summer of the next year? Qualified Yes / See Opinion
RCW 42.52.030
RCW 42.52.040
RCW 42.52.120
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Outside employment
  1. May a state officer or employee of a regulatory agency conduct an outside business or accept outside employment doing work that the officer or employee would regulate as part of his or her official duties? No / See Opinion
  2. May a state officer or employee accept employment from a person regulated by the agency if the employment is unrelated to the officer's or employee's official duties and the officer or employee does not actually participate in the regulation of the employer? Yes / See Opinion
00-14 RCW 42.52.020
RCW 42.52.120
  • Employee's beneficial interest in a spouse's contract with the employing agency
  1. Is it a violation of RCW 42.52.120(1)(e) for a state officer or state employee to have a beneficial interest in a contract that the officer's employee's spouse has with the agency that employs the officer or employee? Qualified No / See Opinion
RCW 42.52.120
  • Outside employment
  1. Whether a corrections officer may engage in outside employment as a contractor to his or her assigned correctional facility? See Opinion
RCW 42.52.120
  • Outside Employment
  • Subcontracting
  1. May a state employee work as a subcontractor to a state subcontractor on projects for his or her state agency? Qualified Yes / See Opinion
  2. May a state employee work as a subcontractor to a state subcontractor on unrelated projects? Qualified Yes / See Opinion
  3. May a state employee also work as an employee of a state subcontractor? Qualified Yes / See Opinion
97-03 RCW 42.52.020
RCW 42.52.120
  • Outside Compensation
  • Collegiate Athletic Coaches
  1. How does RCW 42.52 restrict outside compensation paid to a university coach? See Opinion
RCW 45.52.010
RCW 42.52.110
RCW 42.52.120
RCW 42.52.130
RCW 42.52.160