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State of Washington Ethics Complaint Form

Before filling out this form, please read the following:

  • We are precluded by state law from investigating complaints against persons who are not state employees or who were not state employees at the time the alleged unethical conduct occurred.
  • We have no jurisdiction to investigate matters regarding non-state employees or any agency action.
  • We have no authority to investigate personnel matters or matters for which other remedies exist. These include grievances, appointments, promotions, reprimands, suspensions, dismissals, harassment, and discrimination.
  • The issue(s) you are concerned with must have occurred within 5 years from the date of the alleged violation.

If you have questions about this form, or would like to request the form in an alternate format, contact the Executive Ethics Board at 360.664.0871. We will take reasonable steps to accommodate your needs.

Your contact information:

You are not required to provide your name. However, if you choose not to provide your name, we are unable to keep you updated on the progress of our investigation, or to consult with you regarding the details of your complaint.

Under RCW 42.52.410(3)(a), a state employee who files a complaint with the appropriate ethics board shall be afforded the protection afforded to a whistleblower under RCW 42.40.050 and 49.60.210(2), subject to the limitations of RCW 42.40.035 and 42.40.910. An agency, manager, or supervisor may not retaliate against a state employee who, after making a reasonable attempt to ascertain the correctness of the information furnished, files a complaint with the appropriate ethics board. Further, under RCW 42.52.410(3)(a),(b) A state employee may not be denied the protections in chapter 42.40 RCW even if the ethics board denies an investigation of the complaint.

Under RCW 42.52.140(4), If a determination is made that a reprisal or retaliatory action has been taken against the state employee, the retaliator may be subject to a civil penalty of up to five thousand dollars.

Under RCW 42.52.420(4), the identity of a person filing a complaint under RCW 42.52.410(1) is exempt from public disclosure, as provided in RCW 42.56.240.