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Contracting with State Agencies

Attention expert witnesses & professors!

Certain contracts do not need to be filed with the Board, including for performance of teaching duties at a college or vocational-technical school and for expert witness services.

State Employees Contracting with State Agencies

If you are a current state employee and you are seeking to contract with another (or perhaps your own) state agency to perform work that is unrelated to your official duties, you may need to obtain our approval before doing so.

Approval is required

A state officer or employee must receive board approval before entering into, or obtaining a beneficial interest in, a contract or grant with a state agency only if the process for awarding the contract or grant was not open and competitive, or, whenever only one bid or application was received. State officers and state employees seeking the approval of the board for a contract or grant application, must provide the required information to the executive director no later than thirty days prior to the commencement of the contract or grant.

Required information

Before we can approve the contract, you must provide us with the following information and documents:

  1. A description of your current duties and responsibilities
  2. A statement of the work to be done and a copy of the contract
  3. The duration and dollar value of the contract
  4. A statement that no resources from your current agency will be used to perform the work under contract with the other agency
  5. A description of how the work will be completed without using the resources of your current agency
  6. A statement that your current agency has reviewed or approved the outside contract.

The information may be mailed to our office or emailed to:

If all information and documents are provided, we will notify you of the approval.