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The Ethics in Public Service Act encourages all Executive branch officers and employees to attend ethics training offered by the Executive Ethics Board at least once every 36 months.  (RCW 42.52.365(2)). The Executive Ethics Board provides many different options and resources to complete this training including online and in-person training.

Training opportunities available:

Executive Level Training

The Board is offering an executive level training taught by Executive Director Kate Reynolds.  This training is intended for agency heads, commissioners, presidents, vice presidents, and cabinet level leaders within the agency and/or education institutions.  Part ethics training and part question and answer, the format is perfect as a meeting agenda item.  If you would like to schedule a webinar, please contact Kate Reynolds at or by calling 360.586.6759.

Webinar Training

The Executive Ethics Board is also proud to offer webinar training!  The webinar training is a live remote training perfect for everyone.  The webinar can be accessed from individual computers or in a viewing room via a link that is sent to registered state employees or your agency training coordinator prior to the training.  It can be customized in both content and length depending upon your preference.  If your agency is interested in setting up a webinar, contact Board staff at or by calling 360.664.0871.

In-Person Training

Executive Ethics Board staff is available to provide training to state employees. After taking the training, the state employee will have a basic understanding of the ethical standards in place for state employees and state officials. The training will cover what is required under the law as a state employee and give state employees practical tools on how to handle ethical issues when they arise in the workplace.  Through the use of hypothetical situations, state employees will learn what conduct is appropriate and options to take when faced with ethical dilemmas in their agency. The state employee will also gain a working knowledge of the role of the Executive Ethics Board as well as the complaint process. 

There is no cost for the training! Contact the Executive Ethics Board at 360.664.0871 or by emailing to schedule an in-person training.

Online Ethics Quiz

Test your knowledge of the states ethics laws by taking the Ethics Quiz, a question and answer session regarding the Ethics in Public Service Act, RCW 42.52.

Online Training

The Department of Enterprise Services also hosts a 90-minute online Ethics in Public Service training through their eLearning platform. This course highlights the Ethics in Public Service Act, RCW 42.52 and includes WAC 292-110-010, Use of State Resources.