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Advisory Opinion 00-02

Advisory Opinion Subject Question(s) Cross Reference RCW/WAC Reference
  • Compensation for outside activities; employment after public service
  • Financial benefits on administered grant program
  1. Are there any circumstances under which a state employee may financially benefit or otherwise perform work, whether or not for compensation, on projects funded by a grant program the employee administers? No / See Opinion
  2. Can a state employee work or volunteer on projects that are funded from sources other than the state, or that are state-funded, but not within the official responsibilities of the employee? Qualified Yes / See Opinion
  3. Can a state employee form his or her own business and offer services to state agencies or other persons that are related to the work the employee performed in a previous state position, but unrelated to the employee's current state position? Qualified Yes / See Opinion
97-03 RCW 42.52.120
RCW 42.52.080