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Laws & Rules: Links to the laws and rules enforced by the EEB including the, RCW 42.52 Ethics in Public Service Act; WAC 292-100 Procedural Rules; WAC 292-110 Substantive Rules; WAC 292-120 Penalty Rules and WAC 292-130 Public Record & Agency Organization Rules.
Public Records Request Fee Schedule

Who is my agency ethics advisor? Agency Advisor List
Board Guidance: Additional Board Guidance regarding GiftsUse of State Resources and Textbooks.

State Employees Contracting with State Agencies: Guidelines for State employees seeking to contract with their own or another State agency.

Frequently Asked Questions: Get answers to the questions that come in repeatedly.
EEB News: The EEB Newsletter is a brief summary of our Board meetings. The EEB Newsletter is distributed following each Board meeting.
Training Aids for Supervisors and Leads: These handouts give supervisors and leads the tools to provide mini training sessions during regular staff meetings on the Ethics in Public Service Act. Download and print these out and use them at your next staff meeting.

Brochures: Brochures have been developed to help state employees understand the ethics laws, rules and procedures.

Helpful Links: Other useful links concerning ethics issues.

Agency Policy Reviews: A list of State Agency Policies that have been approved by the EEB and qualify for "safe harbor" under WAC 292-120-035.
Use of Public Funds/Facilities: Memo by Deputy Solicitor General Callie Castillo (Updated March 2019)