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Enforcements for Lower Columbia College

Case Agency Violation/Result Penalty Amount Laws RCW
2019-043 Lower Columbia College

Violation: The former Executive Director of Corporate & Continuing Education at Lower Columbia College, may have violated the Ethics in Public Service Act by using state resources for her private benefit or gain. Evidence indicated that she used college grant funds to purchase gift cards and then later accompanied her son to the bookstore where he used the gift cards to purchase his books for the fall quarter. In addition, Ms. Rogers failed to submit leave for time taken off work and used the college credit card for personal purchases.

Result: An agreed Stipulation and Order was entered on November 13, 2020 imposing a civil penalty of $4,500.

$4,500 RCW 42.52.160
2001-080 Lower Columbia College

Violation: Lower Columbia College employee violated RCW 42.52.160 when he used student labor and college furnsihed parts to rebuild motor vehicle parts for personal benefit and the benefit of others.

Result: Settlement approved on May 9, 2003 for a Civil penalty in the amount of $750 with $250 suspended.

$750 RCW 42.52.160