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Enforcements for Human Rights Commission

Casesort descending Agency Violation/Result Penalty Amount Laws RCW
2008-122 and 2008-123 Human Rights Commission

Violation: A former Human Rights Commissioner was found to have violated the Ethics in Public Service Act when they used state issued credit cards for personal use, rented vehicles on the agency account for personal use and remained in travel status for personal reasons.

Result: A Final Order and Judgment was approved on July 9, 2010 for a Civil penalty of $7,500.

$7,500 RCW 42.52.160
2021-031 Human Rights Commission

Violation: Policy Analyst with the Human Rights Commission, may have violated the Ethics in Public Service Act by using state resources for private benefit or gain. Evidence indicated that they connected two external hard drives containing personal data to their assigned work computer which resulted in personal information being downloaded to agency servers including documents related to an outside business.

Result: An agreed Stipulation and Order was entered on March 14, 2022 imposing a civil penalty of $3,500 with $1,000 suspended.

$3,500 RCW 42.52.160