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Advisory Opinion 98-10

Advisory Opinion Subject Question(s) Cross Reference RCW/WAC Reference
  • Receipt of Door Prizes
  1. Is an item received as a door prize a 'gift' under RCW 42.52.010(10) if consideration is paid to attend a conference, seminar, trade show, or similar event? No / See Opinion
  2. If a door prize is not a gift, can a state officer or state employee keep a door prize even if his or her state agency paid consideration for his or her attendance at an official event? Qualified No / See Opinion
  3. Can state employees enter door prize or other drawings at events attended in their official capacities when consideration does not include the opportunity to compete for a door prize? No / See Opinion
RCW 42.52.010
RCW 42.52.020
RCW 42.52.140
RCW 42.52.150