Executive Ethics Board Meeting Agenda

October 12, 2007

9:00 A.M.




2425 Bristol Ct SW ~ First Floor Conference Room 148 ~ Olympia


A)           Preliminary Business

1.   Roll Call

2.   Approval of Agenda

3.   Approval of September 14, 2007 Meeting Minutes

B)           Approval of Stipulated Facts, Conclusion and Order

 EEB Case 06-052 (Dodson)

C)           Rule Making

Discussion and possible approval of draft language:  Amend WAC 292-110-010 Use of state resources.

D)             Legislation

  RCW 42.52.500 Optional Hearings by Administrative Law Judge


E)           Approval of Agency Policy

Office of Women and Minority Business Enterprises---Outside Employment Business Activity Policy

F)           Staff Reports

1.    Executive Director’s Report

a)    Update on Strategic Plan

2.    AAG Report

3.    Other Staff Reports 

G)           Public Comment/Board Member Comments


H)            Executive and/or Closed Session---To discuss potential litigation with Board Counsel and to deliberate, receive and evaluate complaints against state employees and officers


I)             Miscellaneous Matters/Adjournment