Executive Ethics Board Special Meeting Agenda

Board Retreat

July 14, 2006

 9:00 A.M.



Lacey Community Center

Woodland Creek Community Park at 6729 Pacific Avenue, SE. Lacey



  1. Continuation of Discussion of Meetings and Hearings (if necessary)
  2. Review and Update of the Board’s 2005/2006 Strategic Plan Review Board Member Policies
  3. When must there be a consensus by the Board
  4. What to do when a member dissents
    1. Orders
    2. Other forms of communication
  5. When is a matter considered “cured?”
  6. Should settlements be offered prior to reasonable cause determinations or after or does it matter?
  7. Review enforcement practices
    1. Prioritization of cases
    2. Reports of Investigation, Exhibits
    3. Other documents
  8. Penalty payment schedule
  9. Miscellaneous
    1. Legislative Proposals
    2. Rule amendments

                                                              i.      Communication bill

                                                            ii.      Rules review

    1. State Auditor agreement