Regular Meeting

September 13, 2002 at 9:00 A. M.



L&I Field Service Location

Large meeting room

12806 Gateway Dr

Tukwila, WA 98168



A.     Preliminary Business

1.      Roll Call

2.      Approval of Agenda

3.      Approval of July 12, 2002 Regular Meeting Minutes

B.    Proposed Stipulations and Orders

1.      Proposed Modification to an Approved Stipulation and Order in                       EEB Case 01-12 (Miller)

2.       Proposed Stipulation and Order in EEB Case 01-01 (Berrell)

3.       Proposed Stipulation and Order in EEB Case 01-02 (Stumbo)

4.       Proposed Stipulation and Order in EEB Case 01-90 (Luttrell)

5.       Proposed Stipulation and Order in EEB Case 02-09 (Sorrells)

6.       Proposed Stipulation and Orders in the Community Colleges of Spokane Cases EEB Case No. 01-59 (Coffman), 01-61 (Brunner), 01-63 (Baca), 01-65 (Hyatt), 01-67 (Kary), 01-69 (Scherler), and 01-73 (Seubert)

C.    Requests for Advice

1.      Draft Advisory Opinion Request # 02-2-0411-59, Use of State Facilities to Gamble

2.      Memo regarding Advisory Opinion Request # 02-2-0624-98, Accepting Travel Reimbursements from Regulated Companies

3.      Draft Advisory Opinion Request # 02-2-0611-105, Use of State Facilities to Support Private Charities/FAQ Revisions

D.  Strategic Plan FY2002-2004 Review/Approval

E.  Policy Reviews

            1.  Policy Spreadsheet

2.      Policy Review No. 02-6-0521-81, Department of Licensing “Ethics in Public Service”

3.      Policy Review No. 02-6-0718-111, Office of Administrative Hearings “Use of State Resources” Policy

4.      Policy Review No. 02-6-0719-112, Department of Financial Institutions Policy

5.      Policy Review No. 02-6-726-118, Employment Security Department

6.      Policy Review No. 02-6-0731-122, General Administration “Internet and Electronic Message Systems”

F.   Staff Report

1.      Budget update (Documents Provided At Meeting)

2.      Case status update (Documents Provided At Meeting)

3.      Non-Binding Staff Analysis

4.      Training Report (Documents Provided At Meeting)

      5.   Update on Washington Educational Ass’n v. PDC, et al. (Documents Provided                At Meeting)

G.  Public Comment/Board Member Comments

H.  Executive Session

I.    Miscellaneous Matters/Adjournment