Executive Ethics Board Meeting Agenda

November 17, 2017

9:00 A.M.



2425 Bristol Court SW ~ 4th Floor Conference Room ~ Olympia




Preliminary Business

1.     Roll Call

2.     Approval of Agenda

Action: Motion for Approval

3.     Approval of September 8, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Action: Motion for Approval


Chair Dudek-Ross


Rule-making Public Hearing

       WAC 292-110 Agency Substantive Rules

Action: Motion for Approval


Kate Reynolds


Election of Officers for 2018







Enforcement Matters

Stipulations Action follows executive/closed session

       EEB Case 2017-002 (Patten)

       EEB Case 2017-005 (Berg)

       EEB Case 2017-023 (Worl)

       EEB Case 2017-024 (Kopp)


Executive Director Dismissals

       EEB Case 2016-081 (Sacks-Lawlar)

       EEB Case 2016-087 (Charles)

       EEB Case 2017-003 (Weldon)

       EEB Case 2017-010 (Vendiola)

       EEB Case 2017-020 (Sipma)

       EEB Case 2017-021 (Taylor-Sparks)

       EEB Case 2017-028 (Fluaitt)

       EEB Case 2017-045 (Aldrich) and EEB Case 2017-047 (Macklin)

       EEB Case 2017-050 (Cox)




David Killeen







Kate Reynolds



Advisory Opinion Review


Action: Motion for Approval

       AO 10-02 Wearing Uniform at Charitable Events


Kate Reynolds


Policy Reviews

Action: Motion for Approval

       Board of Accountancy


       Eastern Washington University

Appropriate Use of University Resources

Ethical Standards

       Department of Revenue

Outside Business Activities and Employment

Conflict of Interest and Ethics in Public Service

Using State Resources, Equipment and Facilities

       WA State Department of Veterans Affairs

Ethical and Professional Standards of Conduct

Use of WDVA Facilities


Ruthann Bryant


Staff Reports

1.     Executive Director

2.     AAG Report

3.     Other Staff Reports






Public Comment/Board Member Comments




Executive/Closed Session

Pursuant to RCW 42.30.140(2) and (3), the Board shall deliberate in a closed session at ____( insert time) regarding quasi-judicial matters and reconvene on the record at approximately _____ (insert time). Upon reconvening, the public may return and the Board shall take final action on these quasi-judicial matters on the record.

The Board may also discuss pending/potential litigation, if necessary.

Chair Dudek Ross


Miscellaneous Matters/Adjournment