Executive Ethics Board Regular Meeting Agenda

June 11, 2004 ~ 10:00 A.M.



2425 Bristol Ct SW ~ First Floor Conference Room 148 ~ Olympia



A.  Preliminary Business

1.  Roll Call

2.  Approval of Agenda

3.  Approval of April 9, 2004 Meeting Minutes

4.  Approval of May 14, 2004 Meeting Minutes

5.  Approval of May 26, 2004 Special Meeting Minutes

B.  Advisory Opinions

1.  Memo Regarding Advisory Opinion 04-03, Potential Conflicts of Interest Involving Public Hospital District Review Board Members 

2.  Update on Draft Letter to the Washington State Investment Board (No Documents)

C.  Agency Policy Review Requests

1.  Policy Review Request No. 04-6-0303-004, Department of Social & Health Services, regarding "Outside Employment" Policy

2.  Policy Review Request No. 04-6-0303-005, Department of Social & Health Services, regarding "Relationships with Clients and Vendors" Policy

D.  Staff Report

  1. Quarterly Staff Report and Budget update (documents provided at the meeting)
  2. CR 102, Contract Approvals

E.         Executive or Closed Session (working lunch)

F.         Public Comment/Board Member Comments

G.        Miscellaneous Matters/Adjournment