Regular Meeting

June 14, 2002 at 10:30 A. M.



L&I Field Service Location

Large meeting room

12806 Gateway Dr

Tukwila, WA 98168



1.      Preliminary Business

a.      Roll Call

b.      Approval of Agenda

c.      Approval of May 10, 2002 Meeting Minutes

2.      Policy Review No. 02-6-0429-73 Pollution Liability Insurance Agency, “Acceptance of Gifts and Meals”,  “Acceptance of Honoraria”, and “Use of State Resources”.

3.      Policy Review No. 02-6-0531-86 State Investment Board, “Usage of the Internet”

4.      Draft Advisory Opinion # 01-2-1030-251 (02-0X), Use Of State Resources To Distribute Newspaper Articles And Editorials

5.      Draft Advisory Opinion # 02-2-0221-28 (02-0X), State Agency Officers Or Employees Who Hold Leadership Positions With A Private Non-Profit Organization Composed Of Individuals And Groups Who Contract With The Agency (On Hold – No Documents)

6.      Request for Advice # 01-2-1221-247, The Receipt and Sale of Unsolicited Textbooks Sent to Community College Faculty for Evaluation or Review

7.      Staff Report

a.      New Investigator

b.      Budget update

c.      Case update – Potential Hearing Dates

d.      Recent Court Cases

e.      COGEL and State Ethics Conferences

f.        Proposed Rule Making – CR 101 for Expert Witness Contracts with Higher Education Employees


8.   Public Comment/Board Member Comments

9. Executive Session

10. Miscellaneous Matters/Adjournment