Executive Ethics Board Meeting Agenda

July 13, 2007

 8:30 A.M.




7141 Cleanwater Dr SW ~ Third Floor Conference Room N385 ~ Olympia



A)           Preliminary Business

1.           Roll Call

2.           Approval of Agenda

3.           Approval of May 11, 2007 Meeting Minutes


B)           Approval of Stipulated Facts, Conclusion and Order

EEB Case 07-033 (Marshall)


C)           Approval of Agency Policy

Office of the Insurance Commissioner---Ethics Policy


D)           Advisory Opinions

Review draft of Amended AO 98-10 Receipt of Door Prizes


E)           Staff Reports

1.           Executive Director’s  Report

a)    Budget

b)    Case Aging Report

c)    Other

2.           AAG Report 

3.           Other Staff Reports


F)           Public Comment/Board Member Comments



G)            Executive and/or Closed Session---To discuss potential litigation with Board Counsel and to deliberate, receive and evaluate complaints against state employees and officers

H)           Strategic Planning Session


1.                   Review of WAC 292-110-010---Use of State Resources

2.                   Discussion of possible legislation

3.                   Succession planning

4.                   Partial suspension of penalties in enforcement matters

5.                   Review of and possible modification to Strategic Plan

6.                   Review of Board Members’ Conduct Policies and Procedures


I)             Miscellaneous Matters/Adjournment