Regular Meeting

July 12, 2002 at 10:30 A. M.



2425 Bristol Ct SW 1st Floor Conference Room 148





1.      Preliminary Business

a.      Roll Call

b.      Approval of Agenda

c.      Approval of June 13, 2002 Special Meeting Minutes (Retreat)

d.      Approval of June 14, 2002 Regular Meeting Minutes

2.      Policy Review No. 02-6-0521-81, Department of Licensing “Ethics in Public Service”.

3.      Draft Advisory Opinion # 02-2-0221-28 (Update – No Documents)

4.      Request for Advice # 01-2-1221-247, The Receipt and Sale of Unsolicited Textbooks Sent to Community College Faculty for Evaluation or Review (Update – No Documents)

5.      Draft Advisory Opinion (02-0X), Use of State Facilities to Support Private Charities

6.      Staff Report

a.      Strategic Plan FY2002-2004

b.      Budget update (Documents Provided At Meeting)

c.      Case status update (Documents Provided At Meeting)

d.      Non-Binding Staff Analysis


e.      Training Report (Documents Provided At Meeting)


7.      Public Comment/Board Member Comments

8.       Executive Session

9.      Miscellaneous Matters/Adjournment