Executive Ethics Board Meeting Agenda

January 13, 2017

9:00 A.M.




2425 Bristol Court SW ~ 4th Floor Conference Room ~ Olympia




Preliminary Business

1.     Roll Call

2.     Approval of Agenda

Action: Motion for Approval

3.     Approval of November 18, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Action: Motion for Approval


Chair Dudek-Ross


Request for Advisory Opinion

Office of the Attorney General


Kate Reynolds

Bruce Turcott


Rule-making Discussion

Action: Motion for Approval

Filing of Pre-Proposal Statement of Inquiry (CR-101) regarding WAC 292-110 Agency Substantive Rules

Kate Reynolds







Enforcement Matters

Stipulations Action follows executive/closed session

       EEB Case No. 2015-024 (Pfeifer)*

       EEB Case No. 2015-039 (Jacobs-Nicholson)

       EEB Case No. 2015-041 (Harmon)

       EEB Case No. 2016-009 (Huston)

*Newly added


Executive Director Dismissals

       EEB Case No. 2015-053 (Boerner)

       EEB Case No. 2015-054 (Crandall)

       EEB Case No. 2015-077 (Kinholt)

       EEB Case Nos 2016-002 & 078 (Sawyer)*

       EEB Case Nos. 2016-003 & 032 (Glenn)

       EEB Case No. 2016-004 (Usea)

       EEB Case No. 2016-011 (Doyle)

       EEB Case No. 2016-012 (Blanchett)

       EEB Case No. 2016-013 (Ahlquist)

*Newly added





David Killeen




Dan Davis



Kate Reynolds


Policy Reviews

Action: Motion for Approval

       Ethical Conduct Clover Park Technical College

       Ethics in the Workplace Department of Commerce




Kate Reynolds

Ruthann Bryant



Advisory Opinion Review


Action: Motion for Approval

       96-01 Payments for Educational Programs

       96-02 Unsolicited Refreshments

       96-05 Limitations on Gifts to Employees of Regulatory Agencies

       96-06 Hosted Reception Acceptance of Food and Beverages

       96-12 Accepting Food and Beverages at a Community or Civic Event

       97-02 Accepting Food and Beverages at Government-Sponsored Events

       98-01 Acceptance of Meals by a Regulatory Employee

       98-03 Community Colleges/Acceptance of Gifts

       98-06 Acceptance of Meals by a Regulatory Employee

       98-10 Door Prizes

       99-05 Cash Awards

       00-05 Cash Awards from Non-profit

       00-06 Cash Awards for Scientific Achievement

       01-05 Receipt of Gifts by State Officers, Repayment at Face Value of Gifts from Agency Vendors

       01-07A Gift restrictions on Donations Made by Non-State Entities


Kate Reynolds


Staff Reports

1.     Executive Director

2.     AAG Report

3.     Other Staff Reports






Public Comment/Board Member Comments




Executive/Closed Session

Pursuant to RCW 42.30.140(2) and (3), the Board shall deliberate in a closed session at ____( insert time) regarding quasi-judicial matters and reconvene on the record at approximately _____ (insert time). Upon reconvening, the public may return and the Board shall take final action on these quasi-judicial matters on the record.


The Board may also discuss pending/potential litigation, if necessary.

Chair Dudek Ross


Miscellaneous Matters/Adjournment