Regular Meeting

April 20, 2001 at 10:30 A. M.

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L&I Field Service Location

Large meeting room

12806 Gateway Dr

Tukwila, WA 98168

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1. Preliminary Business

a. Roll Call

b. Approval of Agenda

c. Approval of March 9, 2001 Meeting Minutes

2. Introduction of New Board Member

3. Congratulations to Jerri and Debbie - Winners of AG Golden Gavel Award

4. EEB Case No. 99-12 Presentation of Stipulation and Order

5. EEB Case No. 99-13 Presentation of Stipulation and Order

6. Draft Advisory Opinion 01-03, Conflict of Interest - Current State Employee Who May Receive Royalties From An Agency Vendor

7. Draft Advisory Opinion Request # 01-2-0205-15, Conflict of Interest - Issuing Personal Service Contracts To Officers Of A State Agency.

8. Draft Advisory Opinion Request # 01-2-0228-54, Use of State Resources - State Employee's Use Of A State Vehicle To Attend Union Meetings.

9. Rules Update

10. Policy Reviews

a. ESD - Policy Review No. 01-6-0222-47 "Agency Information Technology Systems"

b. ESD - Policy Review No. 01-6-0222-78 "Fund-Raising for Charitable Purposes"

c. WSU - Policy Review No. 01-6-0312-58 "Personal Use of State Resources" and "Summary of Ethics Law and Policies"

d. HCA - Policy Review No. 01-6-0321-68 "Using Palm Hand Held Computing Devices

e. DOT - Policy Review No. 01-06-0315-63 "Ethics in Public Service"

11. Staff Report

a. Update on Advisory Opinion Request # 01-2-0208-23, Use of State Resources

b. Informal Staff Analysis

c. Retreat - Meeting with Governor's Quality Expert

d. Reorganization of Attorney General's Office - New Division Chief

e. Case Status Report

f. Budget Update

g. Proposed Rule Changes (CR101)

h. Statewide Ethics Conference in 2002

12. Public Comment/Board Member Comments

13. Executive Session

14. Miscellaneous Matters/Adjournment