1110 Capitol Way S 4th Floor Video Conference Room Olympia, WA


October 12, 2010

Special Meeting Minutes


A.   Preliminary Business

Roll Call

The regular meeting of the Washington State Executive Ethics Board (EEB) was called to order by Chair Linnaea Jablonski at 9:00 a.m. In attendance were Members Neil Gorrell, Martin Biegelman and Matthew Williams III. Vice Chair Michael Connelly was present via telephone. Board staff in attendance included: Executive Director Melanie de Leon, Senior Assistant Attorney General Mary Tennyson, Assistant Attorney General Mickey Newberry, Administrative Officer Ruthann Bryant and Investigator Sue Jones.


B.   Enforcement Matters

Approval of Stipulated Facts, Conclusion and Order

EEB Case No. 2009-008 (Weiler)

Melanie de Leon briefed the Board on the proposed stipulation and order in the matter of William Weiler. Mr. Weiler agreed that he violated RCW 42.52.020, .030, .070, and .160 when he used his position with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife to promote environmental mitigation projects advanced by his non-profit organization and negotiated projects with energy companies that benefitted it. He also used his state computer to market a series of educational materials offered by his non-profit business and to compose requests for grants to be administered by the organization. He also produced articles featuring the non-profit for environmental magazines while on state time and used his state computer for personal use. The stipulation proposes a penalty of $15,000.


Motion 10-031 Moved by Member Williams, seconded by Member Biegelman:


The Board accepts the Stipulated Facts, Conclusions and Order in EEB Case #2009-008, William Weiler as presented.


The motion passed unanimously.


C.   Miscellaneous Matters/Adjournment

There being no miscellaneous matters, the meeting was adjourned at 9:05 a.m.

Approved by the Board 11/12/10