2425 Bristol Court SW – 1st Floor Conference Room 148 – Olympia, WA


April 13, 2007

Regular Meeting Minutes



A.   Preliminary Business

1.    Roll Call

The regular meeting of the Washington State Executive Ethics Board (EEB) was called to order by Chair Evelyn Yenson at 9:00 a.m. In attendance were Vice Chair Judy Golberg and Members Trish Akana, Neil Gorrell and Kyle Usrey. Board staff in attendance included:  Executive Director Susan Harris, Senior Assistant Attorney General Nancy Krier, Assistant Attorney General Michael Tribble, Administrative Officer Ruthann Bryant and Investigators Sue Jones and Nancy Lewin.


Chair Yenson announced that Member Usrey will leave the Board in August to pursue a career opportunity in another state.  She commented that she has been pleased to serve with him on the Board and regrets his departure.


Member Usrey stated that he has enjoyed serving on the Board and reported that he will be the Dean of Faculty at Friends University in Kansas and the opportunity will bring him closer to family.


2.    Approval of Agenda

Susan Harris requested Item D Policy Reviews be moved up to Item B.


Motion 07-041 Moved by Vice Chair Golberg, seconded by Member Gorrell:


The Board approves the April 13, 2007 agenda as amended.


The motion passed unanimously.


3.    Approval of March 9, 2007 Meeting Minutes


Motion 07-042 Moved by Member Akana, seconded by Vice Chair Golberg:


The Board approves the March 9, 2007 minutes as presented.


The motion passed unanimously.




B.   Policy Approval

Susan Harris introduced Deputy Attorney General Jeff Goltz  and provided a draft policy submitted by the Office of the Attorney General regarding Use of State Resources. Mr. Goltz noted that the policy was previously approved by the Board with the exception of section 1 E, Permitted Types of Charitable Solicitations, which has been added to clarify permitted charitable endeavors.


Motion 07-043 Moved by Member Gorrell, seconded by Member Usrey:


The Board approves the Office of the Attorney General Use of State Resources policy as presented.


The motion passed unanimously.


C.   Stipulation and Order

EEB Case No. 04-022 (Bonnie Adams)

Susan Harris briefed the Board on the proposed stipulation and order. Ms. Adams agreed that she violated RCW 42.52.160 when she used state time and equipment for non-work related purposes. The parties agreed that Ms. Adams would pay a $750 penalty. The Board’s deliberation on the proposal was deferred until closed session.


D.   Advisory Opinion Request

1.  Review and possible approval of amended Advisory Opinion 02-02 A – Continuation of Discussion

Ruthann Bryant reported on amendments to Advisory Opinion 02-02 A -- Use of State Resources Frequently Asked Questions and Examples.  She noted that the amendments included four recent questions and answers brought before the Board over the past year, changed the title to “Questions and Answers” and incorporated a numbering system.


Harvey Gertson noted that the Opinion is a helpful Ethics advice tool for ethics advisors.


Motion 07-044 Moved by Vice Chair Golberg, seconded by Member Akana:


The Board approves the Advisory Opinion 02-02 A, Use of Resources Questions and Answers, as presented.


The motion passed unanimously.




F.  Staff Reports

1.  Executive Director’s Report

Susan Harris briefly updated the Board on progress made in the Strategic Plan during the third quarter.  She reported on case comparison of complaints during calendar years 2005 and 2006, provided charts displaying dismissals, action taken by the Board and violations by section of law. She noted that the charts have shown a large number of dismissals due to lack of jurisdiction. This information will be used when developing training materials.


Ms. Harris also provided an update on legislation that may have an impact on the Ethics Law. Only one bill passed, the bill that allows state employees to engage in raffles, HB 1599.


2.  Other Staff Reports

Ruthann Bryant reported that a program has been added to the website with the capability of translating information into eight different languages.


G.  Public Comment/Board Member Comments

Department of Transportation’s Ethics Advisor Harvey Gertson announced that he will be retiring in June and introduced the new ethics advisor, Oliver Domondon.


H.   Executive or Closed Session

At 9:50 a.m. the Board moved into Closed Session to discuss potential litigation, deliberate and to receive and evaluate complaints against state employees and officers.


At 11:37 a.m. the Board returned to regular session and reported that the Stipulation and Order in EEB Case No. 04-022, Bonnie Adams, has been accepted with modifications.


I.  Miscellaneous Matters/Adjournment

There being no miscellaneous matters, the meeting was adjourned at 11:38 a.m.


Approved by the Board 5/11/07